Bring the beauty of simplicity from Normal
to the blue light blocking lenses

Re-examine the frames designed with Normal concept together with product designer Jasper Morrison. Special design gives lenses a more natural appearance, creating blue-light blocking glasses which are suitable for all face shapes.

Sophisticated frame design, as well as improved frame colors and appearance make those who did not wear glasses be able to wear it comfortably. Through different wearing tests by different face shapes, we have selected colors that best match with skin tone.

Frame’s shape is accurate to 0.2mm. JINS strives to achieve the effect that even when one wears glasses, one’s original appearance will not be affected.

We use materials which are glossy outside but matt inside. When people is wearing a pair fo glasses, nose pads are almost invisible, providing a natural look.

Jasper Morrison


Jasper Morrison has set up studios in London, Paris and Tokyo, providing design services for multinational companies like Vitra, Flos, Muji, Maruni, etc. His designs are famous for simplicity but not ordinary. While embracing simplicity, he also pushes the product itself to the next level.

Brand new version of lenses


Eliminating the noticeable blue color reflected by lenses and showing a more natural look.


Decreasing the saturation of yellow tint to match skin tone, and at the same time improving the blocking rate of blue light.

What is blue light?

Blue light’s wavelengths fall between 380-500 nanometers. Because of this, it has the highest energy of all visible light and it can cause damage to the eye or human body. Blue light not only comes from digital screens, it is also found in sunlight. Blue light goes deeper than UV. It can penetrates to the back of the eye, causing harmful effetcs to human body. Blue light not only affects adults, it also lays huge burden to children’s eyes as they are growing and can be easily affected.

Blue light exposure increases year by year

The time you spend on blue light emitting screens such as your phone and TV increases year by year. As electronic devices become more and more popular, it is expected that the amount of time to be exposed to blue light will be increasing in the future

Add JINS SCREEN blue light blocking lenses
to your favourite frame

You can customize your glasses by adding JINS SCREEN blue light blocking lenses to your favourite frame, in order to block blue light and protect your eyes.


※Depending on stock availability, it may require several working days to deliver.