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Which colors do you like? What makes you happy?
Everything you care about now will shape the future you.
Select the eyeglasses you like, see more beautiful sceneries, experience heart touching moments and enjoy each fabulous day.

Create comfortable wearing experience for kids

It seems that it is hard for kids to feel comfortable when wearing glasses for the first time. JINS has been putting a lot of efforts in making glasses that kids really love.

JINS Kids & Junior series glasses are lightweight and comfortable in wearing,
Using bright and vibrant colors that kids like, the glasses suit their face shapes.
Because this is the first pair of glasses in life, JINS needs to provide the best glasses.

Complete range of sizes and colors available

We provide three different sizes that are suitable for all ages, while their bright and vibrant colors satify every one’s needs. These glasses are good for childhood development. Please select the most appropriate one.

Gentle and soft, comfortable to wear

At the moment you pick up the frame, you will be stunned by its ultra lightweights. Soft material can help to reduce pressure to heads and fit your face shape. You’ll never feel so comfortable in wearing glasses before.

※Excluding some items

Safe and comfortable materials

KIDS & JUNIOR glasses are made with TR-90 material, which is also used for making medical equipment and baby bottles. It is safe to use for the first-time-glasses-wearing kids.

※Excluding some items