Michele De Lucchi, Italy’s leading architect, has reinterpreted the four typologies of eyeglasses.

“Eyeglasses are born from eyeglasses and are a refined testimony of the evolution of tastes, fashions and lifestyles. Glasses are not only an industrial product, but also an anthropological one, which integrates the appearance of the wearer, defines his/her expression, enhances his/her character and communicates his/her personality. It can be said that in the choice of eyeglasses, each person designs themself and how he/she appears to others.
The eyeglasses designed for JINS are a reinterpretation of four typologies of lenses: Boston, Cat-eye, Round and Polygonal. Starting with these classic designs, each new shape is designed and reinterpreted in a contemporary sense. The glasses have been rotated, the thicknesses of the materials have been changed, and the silhouettes have been slightly deformed and distorted. An in-depth research on facial features, expressiveness and eyewear history has guided the experimentation to define the best lenses and frames.”