Polly Fern Collection

Polly Fern brings you an artistic and fashionable eyewear with JINS

FW 2020

Classic style will be long live for this Autumn


J!NS Switch instantly change from an eyeglasses to sunglasses, and change back from a sunglasses to eyeglasses

Sheet Metal

Dress up designed with girlish style, hood&slim sheet metal for fashion

Autumn 2019

New Metal frame for your Autumn, Be Stylish


Experience the eyewear’s weight as air

Modern Street

Wear the stylish eyeglasses for your summer

Street design combines with titanium for your Spring style
Innovated design in Titanium feels less of weight from eyeglasses, be more comfortable and stylish.
Michele De Lucchi
Michele De Lucchi, Italy’s leading architect, has reinterpreted the four typologies of eyeglasses.
FALL 2018
Combinations of round frames and Boston frames. Mix and match various colors at frame front to create contrasting visual effects.
niko and … JINS
Special design using style and palette of niko and …
Kids & Junior
It seems that it is hard for kids to feel comfortable when wearing glasses for the first time. JINS has been putting a lot of efforts in making glasses that kids really love.