Our Frame

JINS’ frame quality

Basically, there are two parts in eyeglasses. They are ‘frames’ and ‘lenses’.

In producing ‘frames’, JINS makes no compromise throughout the whole process, from design to manufacturing.

On this page, we will tell you precisely how we develop our frames and show real examples of our zero tolerance attitude.


Nowadays, people are able to purchase Scandinavian design home furniture, as well as fashionable clothes at affordable prices. In the past, it was hard to imagine. As high quality democratization of design gradually develops, people’s lives become more fabulous. Therefore, in this era, we have a great sense of responsibility. ‘We hope to provide better glasses at more appropriate prices to more people.’ With this in mind, our glassesholic designers work days and nights to make it happen.


We agree that customers should receive ‘good quality’ gurantee for products they bought in modern society. As such, we have tried our best to ensure the quality and appearance of products, and at the same time make advancements. No matter where we are in the world, in order to produce frames that meet Japanese standards and JINS standard, we use more procedures to strictly control product quality.