Magnify Life

Our vision at JINS is to encourage people to change the way they view the world, to enrich their lives and unlock new experiences. That’s why we look for the unseen, create new standards, and think beyond glasses;
To Magnify Life

Our Innovations

Since JINS entered the eyewear industry in 2001, JINS has continuously redefined the general knowledge in eyewear industry.

What can JINS bring you? And, what will JINS bring you in the future?

JINS will continue to create and accept new challenges.


JINS handles all stages from planning and production to distribution and sales.
This allows us to eliminate the middleman such as paying unnecessary commission and
brand fees. In addition, we can incorporate customers’ feedback into the products,
so we can provide top-quality glasses at $399 up


JINS has moved beyond the traditional image of eyeglasses as “stiff and heavy,” pioneering the creation of truly comfortable lightweight eyewear – Airframe

Functional glasses

“Protecting your eye health.” “Clarity of vision.” These concerns resonate with modern eyeglass wearers, and our new product lines are designed to meet these needs.