Part of the optometrists (Part I register) in JINS have registered the Health Care Voucher Scheme, and are eligible to provide the “Professinal Eye Examination” service for Hong Kong ID holders aged 65 or above, related service fee will be deducted directly from customer’s eHealth account.

“Professtional Eye Examination” includes:
* Consultation
* Refraction examination
* Ocular health examination
* Amsler Grid eye test
* Fundus photography

* Vision assessment and recommendation

Optometrists will also prescribe glasses for customer who is needed to renew the glasses’ refraction or other needs, related fee will also be deducted from customer’s eHealth account.

Health Care Voucher only available in JINS New Town Plaza shop and East Point City shop. Please make appointment if you are willing to JINS for the examination.
Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Town Plaza shop
Tel: 2368 1921                               
East Point City shop
Tel: 2368 8608